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Heritage on the Edge

Location: Bhaktapur city, Kathmandu Nepal. 2019

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee proposed to list the valley as ‘World Heritage in Danger’ and it would be difficult to regain its previous status. Since the Gorkha earthquake killed almost 9,000 people in April 2015, Nepal has been on a slow and arduous route to recovery. 

These photos are taken within 100 meters from the heritage site itself, which clearly point out how "mafia-like" operators who cut corners and indulge in corrupt practices to produce substandard infrastructure - such as badly designed and rapidly decaying roads, drains, and crude concrete buildings, which is now a deep concern. The damage which the earthquake wrought on ancient monuments looks set to be completed by bureaucratic insensitivity and a lowest-tender bidding process, which has already awarded the contract to re-erect dozens of collapsed temples to unqualified building contractors.

This is an on going project which mainly highlights and document the architectural change going around in Bhaktapur which has been the best-preserved palace courtyards and old city centre in Nepal. 

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