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Where Should I Go

Who ever thought to be in this situation of dilemma? Be it a child, a farmer, or the nature, all have come to suffer. 


This is an ongoing project started in December 2019, with a single projection of human dilemmas with our environment within upcoming years. How physical and psychological boundaries with our nature might be completely change.  

But just like a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, similarly blessed are the curious for they shall have adventure. Nobody is ever defeated unless they give up on the universe. Here there are fields of garbage. In one world, there are two worlds, one is full of light, another is full of darkness. But he just goes till the sun goes down and the green grass grows.

The creator made him the caretaker of his planned paradise. The paradise which has turned into the place full of conspiracy and mystery, and where all want to deny the reality.

In this world where everything has become acquisitive, the creator empowers him to stumble with problems and stand up again. To burn but keep walking on fire to feed them all. Hoping for the light to smile on the darkness. To see a mirror of water on earth, where the same kind of scenery of earth is wearing a scarf of seven colours.

Waiting for the unity to come forward and adorn the bride of the earth. To spread the greenery and harmony. To fill joy in every courtyard, to make branches wear bracelets of flowers and make the streets smile and breathe.

Do you ever feel him whispering in your ears? Or a feeling of his raw touch to seek help to overcome dystopia? And to stop the journey towards apocalypse?

Because at last we all have the same hope, which cannot be expressed but ties us together and builds us stronger.

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